Expert consolidation in Oracle database 12c

Today, I entered the term “Oracle Database 12c” in the books section of, my favourite, and was surprised by the results. There are few books announced for April 2012, some for May and June 2013, without the database even being available to the public. Expert consolidation in 12c? Really? What kind of expert can “consolidate” by using a database version that has not been made available to the public yet? I am very interested in expert consolidation with the database version 15F, whatever that “consolidation” might be. How about “problem-solution oriented approach”, from the title of another book? What kind of problems do people have with the database that has not yet been released? This is hilarious. My message to all those worthy book authors is: may the farce be with you, guys. In the expert way, of course…you are the experts, aren’t you?


About mgogala

I am a consultant with an extensive Oracle DBA experience. I have worked on very large databases. I have worked with OPS and RAC since its inception.I am also a published book writer, having published two books about PHP. This blog is about the challenges and adventures in my professional life. Sorry, no family pictures here.
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