Opatch Integration

Oracle 12c came up with one nice new feature: Opatch, the tool known to all database administrators is now integrated into the database in the form of DBMS_QOPATCH package. If the database contains pluggable databases, the package must be executed from the root (CDB$ROOT) level, as user sys.
Also, a minor inconvenience is that there are no tabular results, results are returned as XML. It is a bit cumbersome to work with and I do prefer the traditional Opatch for now. So, let’s make an example:

Screenshot - 11102014 - 05:40:22 PM

The query is “select dbms_qopatch.get_opatch_list() from dual” and it returns results in one monstrous line. There is no nice way to look at the output XML in the SQL Developer, one must cut & paste the entire monstrosity into a 3rd party XML editor:
Screenshot - 11102014 - 05:51:11 PM
This looks like a story similar to V$DIAG_ALERT_EXT, which was available in the last versions of 10G software as an X$ table, to be made both available and useful in version 11G. This XML output is completely useless and very hard to read. The good, old “opatch lsinventory” is still preferred, but it is going to be integrated with the database in not so distant future. For now, DBA_REGISTRY_HISTORY will have to do.


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