RAC 12.2

I am in the process of installing RAC 12.2. The installation procedure has undergone a significant change, for the better. It’s now much easier to install it. However, memory and disk requirements have skyrocketed. I needed to allocate 10GB of memory for each of my nodes, 12 GB for OCR and 64GB for the management database. My computer will be barely large enough to run both Commserve and those two nodes together:


I am running Oracle Linux 7.4, the latest and the greatest. The installation procedure is now named gridSetup.sh. The procedure is fairly resource intensive and it is taking more than 30 minutes. Here is the monitor from my host machine:


As you can see from the monitor, it’s a 32 GB machine with quad core CPU and using flash disk to boot. So, if anyone wants to install RAC 12.2 in the home lab, be aware that this is a huge monstrosity which requires a lot of resources. I will have to buy a new machine, with 64 GB RAM to comfortably run both Commvault and 12.2 RAC. Installation process itself is convoluted and complex, using Java and Perl (expected), as well as gdb (GNU debugger) which is totally unexpected. The process also runs depmod, which means that new kernel modules are installed under the hood. This is probably for ACFS, Oracle’s cluster file system. Each of the nodes has 2 virtual CPU’s, the maximum I can afford. This is just the grid infrastructure. I still need the database and the July patchset. The installation is easier than before and I got the most important thing done:

grid@rac1 12.2.0]$ srvctl -version
srvctl version:
[grid@rac1 12.2.0]$ srvctl status asm
ASM is running on rac1,rac2

I will add the database tomorrow.


About mgogala

I am a consultant with an extensive Oracle DBA experience. I have worked on very large databases. I have worked with OPS and RAC since its inception.I am also a published book writer, having published two books about PHP. This blog is about the challenges and adventures in my professional life. Sorry, no family pictures here.
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